» PQS 250 / PQS 350

Overview :

PQS 250 Series is intermittent motion vertical form fill seal machine with capability to produce Quad Seal & Flat Bottom Bags.

Machine is controlled by most advanced Motion CPU from Siemens – Germany. All the functions i.e. Horizontal Sealing, Bag Pulling, Unwinding are controlled by Servo Motors.

Quad Seal Bags offers better shelf visibility & use of retail space compare to other pouch formats.

PQS 250 Series can be synchronized with any one of the following fillers to pack any kind of solid products:

  • Multihead Combination Weigher
  • Volumetric Filler
  • Auger Filler
  • Linear Weigh Filler

Technology Intermittent Motion Intermittent Motion
Front Width 40-180 mm 140-280 mm
Side Width 30-100 mm 50-150 mm
Width of the Side Seal 6-10 mm 8-12 mm
Bag Length 100 - 370 mm 200-650 mm
Power Consumption 4.0 KW/HR 5.0 KW/HR
Air Requirements 2 CFM @ 6 bar 2 CFM @ 6 bar
Maximum film reel width 530 mm
Maximum film reel diameter (D) 400 mm 400 mm
Core Diameter 76 mm 76 mm
Maximum Machine Output 60 Bags / min. 60 Bags / min.
Machine Weight (Approximately) 1050 kg 1150 kg
Dimensions (Std) L x W x H in mm


Multihead Combination Weigher
Volumetric Filler
Auger Filler
Linear Weigh Filler

Quad Seal

Penta Seal

Optional features
  • Gas Flushing / Gas Purging
  • Gusseting / Gusseting with Block Bottom
  • Round / Euro / D Cut Hole Punch Device
  • Dust extraction system

  • cereals
  • jcoffee
  • confectionery
  • detergent
  • groundspice
  • namkeen
  • nuts
  • pasta
  • wafer
  • wholespice

Quad Seal with centre sealing (Penta Seal) as a standard. Corner bag seal with no centre sealing as an optional feature. This helps to display your graphics & messages on 4 Full Panels.

Controlled by most advanced motion CPU from Siemens – Germany in Horizontal Sealing, Bag Pulling, and Unwinding.

Machine is designed with PROFIBUS networking. This also helps to connect multiple machines for remote monitoring through SCADA & other MIS products.

Ideal for Confectionary, Tea, Snacks & Coffee products.