» P250 4S / P350 4S

Overview :

P250 4S Series is high speed intermittent vertical form fill seal machine controlled by motion CPU from Siemens - Germany.

Each function – sealing, bag pulling, pull roller & unwinding has individual servo motors & drives controlled by high end motion CPU from Siemens Germany loaded with intelligent software.

All servo motors & key components are networked with PROFIBUS to control & monitor them.

P250 4S Series can be synchronized with any one of the following fillers to pack any kind of solid products:

  • Multihead Combination Weigher
  • Volumetric Filler
  • Auger Filler
  • Linear Weigh Filler
  • Index Conveyor Belt

Technology Intermittent Motion Intermittent Motion
Bag Width 75-250 mm 125-350 mm
Bag Length 375 mm 600 mm
Power Consumptiom 4.0 KW/HR 5 KW/HR
Air Requirements 2 CFM @ 6 bar 2 CFM @ 6 bar
Maximum film reel width 530 mm 730 mm
Maximum film reel diameter (D) 450 mm 450 mm
Core Diameter 76 mm 76 mm
Maximum Machine Output 120 Bags / min. 120 Bags / min.
Machine Weight (Approximately) 1050 kg 1150 kg
Dimensions (Std) L x W x H in mm 1840 x 1360 x 1920 2050 x 1550 x 2150

Snack Food Products
Cereal and Health Foods
Nuts and Dried Fruit
Granulated Products
Pasta and Pulses
Ground Spices
Whole Spices
Tablets & Capsules
Hardware & Plastic Components

Multihead Combination Weigher
Volumetric Filler
Auger Filler
Linear Weigh Filler
Index Conveyor Belt

Pillow Type Centred Sealed

Block Bottom with Gusseted


Optional features
  • Gas Flushing / Gas Purging
  • Gusseting / Gusseting with Block Bottom
  • Round / Euro / D Cut Hole Punch Device
  • Dust extraction system

  • cereals
  • jcoffee
  • confectionery
  • detergent
  • groundspice
  • namkeen
  • nuts
  • pasta
  • wafer
  • wholespice

Compact design with small footprints & height.

Highly rugged mechanical assembly results into zero maintenance of mechanical parts.

Controlled by most advanced motion CPU from Siemens – Germany with 4-Axis i.e. Horizontal Sealing, Bag Pulling, Unwinding & Measure Pull Roll.

Servo Motor controlled measure pull roll which helps to pack unsupported films. It has many advantages over film being directly pulled by coated timing belts from the reel.

Variable Sealbar pressure adjustment by servo motor. This helps to seal thick films even at higher speeds.

Machine is designed with PROFIBUS networking. This also helps to connect multiple machines for remote monitoring through SCADA & other MIS products.